Cyber Security Solutions

V Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

We conduct a range of Vulnerability Assessments, centering Infrastructure, Cloud, and Web Applications. Additionally, we offer a range of Application Security Assessments, API Testing, Mobile Security Testing, and Compliance Assessments (ie. CIS Benchmark based assessments).

C CISO-as-a-service


Developing and implementing security strategies for our client organizations, through information security policies, security awareness training programs, and risk management frameworks. We establish security incident response plans to ensure client safety while prioritizing relationships with external security partners, monitoring security-related metrics to senior management teams, developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and ensuring current knowledge of emerging security threats, industry trends, and best practices. Our services work in tandem to ensure clients security programs are continuously updated and improved.

M Managed SOC

Managed SOC

We offer a range of services including L1 SOC Monitoring, Incident Escalation Planning, L2 SOC Monitoring, SIEM Management and Log Source Integration.

D Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

We conduct a range of forensics investigations, including digital, email, memory, Network/Cloud and Mobile assessments, working to provide comprehensive forensics reports to our clients.

R Risk Management

Risk Management

We ensure Comprehensive Risk Assessments, Customized Risk Mitigation Strategies and Continuous Risk Management and Monitoring Services.

AR Security Architecture Review

Security Architecture Review

We conduct Network Architecture Reviews, and subsequently propose further developed infrastructures.

TI Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We provide tailored threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and 24/7 monitoring and response services.

RA Cyber Security Resource Augmentation

Cyber Security Resource Augmentation

Providing SOC as a Service, Enabling Professional Training, and Prioritizing Cloud Security, Compliance Management and Security Consulting.

TH Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber Threat Hunting

By extrapolating potential threats in an evolving security landscape, we mobilize our threat hunting services, subsequently providing hunting results and necessary remediation actions. We then provide tangible suggestions to strengthen client security posture.